Health is one of Progreso Community Center's focus areas because it is such an important issue for the Hispanic and general community. Members of Progreso Community Center work with a range of organizations and focus primarily on prevention, access to health care, and reducing health care disparities. We believe that it is important to combine scientific research with collective action to address specific problems that affect our community. To achieve this, our organization uses the principles of Community-based participatory research (CBPR), which challenges traditional scientific research to establish collaborations that are based on reciprocal benefit. Research "is a venue for the voices of vulnerable and voiceless community members to be heard," said Dr. Pamela Hull, researcher from Vanderbilt University.

“Successful health programs link health activities with other aspects of social development...this means that to be completely healthy, each person needs a clear comprehension of [himself of herself] in relation to others and to the factors that influence the well-being of all people...the activities that help people develop a more critical consciousness have become a critical part in the capacity building and communitarian work." David Wener & Bill Bower


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