Our Intern, Kathleen Alvarez

is a senior at Vanderbilt University from Lincroft, New Jersey. She is studying Medicine, Health, and Society with a double minor in Communications and Spanish, and she is planning to become a nurse practitioner. She has been interning with our community-based organization to support our work through our Health program. Her positive contribution to our organization and to the Hispanic immigrant community is related to the creation of culturally and linguistically appropriate health education messages.


Kathleen's dedication to the wellbeing of our community members is reflected in her work using the parallel extended model of health education to raise awareness about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer among Hispanic women in Nashville. Furthermore, she has created a health education message using the ecological model in public health to show how environmental factors impact the safety and physical activity of a community.


We are very thankful to Kathleen for her time and expertise to help us disseminate valuable information to our community. A special shout out to her for recording the voice over of her projects to practice her Spanish. We are very proud of her!

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