At Progreso Community Center, we believe that volunteering in the activities of our community-based organization is an enriching experience for those who are committed to collaborating in the capacity building and empowerment of members in our community. We have different volunteering opportunities in our organization. For example, if you are interested in social change, you can volunteer in our Community Organizing program. If education of vulnerable and marginalized populations is an area of your interest, you can be a volunteer in our Community Education program teaching English, tutoring children, teaching how to use computers, etc. Our Health program offers you opportunities to volunteer with us to address issues of health disparities that affect low-income and underserved members of the Hispanic community. Our community is very rich and diverse, so if you are interested in the richness of our popular culture, you can join our Culture program. You can also be a volunteer to teach how to play guitar or any instrument, or if you have experience in choir, you can volunteer to form a choral group. As you can see, we have various volunteering opportunities, and if you have ideas about other volunteering activities, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.





 At Progreso Community Center, we believe that grassroots community members play an important role in processes of structural social change. The role of community members can only be developed if the strength comes from the bottom of our community. The strength that comes from the bottom-up demands the constant strengthening of relationships and horizontal interaction between people and groups that form community-based organizations like ours.



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