"Go in search of your people: love them; learn from them; plan with them; serve them; begin with what they have; build on what they know, but when the tasks of the best leaders are accomplished, their work is done, all the people will say: 'we have done it ourselves.'"- Chinese verse



Progreso Community Center

We are the first Hispanic nonprofit membership community-based organization in Nashville since 2006 and the first Hispanic Community Center in our city since 2007. We organize and build the capacity of members of the Hispanic community for our well-being and the community at large. This is fundamental because our community-based efforts for social change transcend individual factors that perpetuate social inequities and dependency.


[Organzing our community] we will find the elements to understand how changes occur in society. Then, we will figure our that our [community-based] organizations must be guided by rationality and not by chance neither impulsive nor circumstantial answers." - *CEDIB                                      *Center for Education and Documentation Bolivia      



At Progreso Community Center, we work with and for the community. Our work is based on activities that can build the capacity of our community members in an environment where the exchange of knowledge is reciprocally appreciated in any social context. 

Through our programs, our work focuses on collective and long-term benefits for both the Hispanic community and Nashville as a whole.



Progreso Community Center is a volunteer-led Hispanic nonprofit community-based organization in Nashville. We believe that everyone plays an important role in social change processes. We appreciate and celebrate your solidarity and skills that will contribute to the efforts of our organization to fulfill our mission and vision.  

"Charity is humiliating because it is exercised vertically from above; solidarity is horizontal and involves mutual respect ." - Eduardo Galeano



At Progreso Community Center, we believe that the information disseminated through different means of communication must have a communitarian character for the development and empowerment of our community. Therefore, it is important to define the roles that these means of communication play in processes of social change.

We believe that the means of communication to which we have access must be an alternative to the traditional, depending, manipulative, and alienating ways through which information is communicated to the community. We are a community-based organization in which the creation of participatory informative discourses reflects the realities of our community so that we can have the capacity to create ideas, critical consciousness, points of view, and collective actions for social change.

"The local development cannot be seen as a phenomenon from communication; instead, a fundamental role should be given to this development as a mediator in the pursuit of diverse strategies that allow communities through communitarian means to achieve a balance among the different social actors that participate in [social change] processes."  - Morfa Hernández & Sol Garabito



If you would like to visit us, we are located on 5666 Nolensville Pike, Nashville TN 37211, at the South Plaza Shopping Center (where Lowe's is). Our organization is on the second floor right above Sally's beauty store. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you cannot visit us, please contact us through our contact form below or call us at 615-365-9002.

4813 Nolensville Pike, Suite 206-D

Nashville, TN 37211

Tel: (615) 365-9002 Email: info@progresocommunitycenter.org

Progreso Community Center 

4813 Nolensville Pike, Suite 206-D

Nashville, TN 37211

Tel: (615) 365-9002 - (615) 367-3623